About Us

Welcome to the Afro-Latino Business Directory!

In early 2018 I attended the first Afro-Latino Heritage Excellence Summit in Miami. It was an informative, enlightening and entertaining two-day event where I had the chance to meet other beautiful, talented, and inspiring Afro-Latinos.

One of the most significant challenges I heard throughout those two days was that there was no place where Afro-Latino’s could promote their businesses or support other Afro-Latinos. That inspired me to start the Afro-Latino Business Directory (ALBD).

On this site, Afro-Latino businesses and those looking to support them can easily find each other. ALBD is an online community that celebrates Afro-Latino business owners and entrepreneurs all over the world. The listings will always be free, and as we grow, we will continue to add new features that will enhance the experience.

We hope you will join us today! 


Angela Betancourt
Afro-Latino Business Directory